Saturday, November 29, 2008


This is the inspiration for my dress. Jason took me to the Fabric store today and we GOT THE FABRIC!!!! the bridesmaids dresses and the back part of my dress will be a deep purple/plum silk dupion. and the white of my dress is a slightly off white satin that feels WONDERFUL. they had pure white satin, but it felt too stiff and this off white looks better with the purple. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!
OK, I'm going to start helping with the envelope stuffing!

Friday, November 28, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different

Wellcome. I decided that since there are many people whom I love dearly and miss greatly that want very much to be a part of the planning of my wedding that i would start a blog about it. now, this may prove a poor choice only because i don't get online as much as your average blogger, i will have to make a point to get online and update this once a week at least... we shall see how it goes. i will also have to ask friends to help with the picture aspect of blogging, i'm still using film. hehe. this weekend i am working on addressing envelopes. WOOHOOO!!! my hand will cramp long before jason's... such is life. we are sending the distant, not sure if they can come relatives first so as to get as much forwarning about how many plan to attend as possible. we also plan to get the fabric for the brides maids dresses and possibly my dress as well. i will spend most of the holiday break sewing!!! i think that is all for now. might try to post some pics soon, like tomorrow.