Saturday, April 24, 2010


We have had a wonderful day today. We went to the farmers market in the rain, had a yummie breakfast, then helped with the set design for the school performance coming up (yes Jason went with me), went to Charlie's and found the above featured player piano reels, went to another flea market, went to wickman's, rearranged and cleaned in the living's been great! I got a new hair cut, and discovered that a dear friend of mine is willing to do it for coffee!!!! Next time I will write about the most recent adventure of the Way Ladies.....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This is what my husband does at 3am to surprise is wife. It's wonderful, we can see the feeders from the couch! Happy anniversary to me. :)
Yesterday, yogurt for breakfast and a cranberry orange scone for lunch. I did not eat dinner.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Today I had yogurt and coffee and chicken salad and crackers. Yes, I'm getting a bit tired of that. It is yummy salad, lots of green stuff in it, but enough already! I went for a 20min walk mid morning and that is really all I have to report tonight. Tomorrow I hope to have pics of the surprise from my hubby!!! And my new do...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Again!

I like how Jason is in the background of this picture smiling at me. This is the orchid mom and dad gave us for our first anniversary. I'm hoping to keep it alive and maybe see it bloom again next year. Yes, he built a forge and it is in our backyard. Pretty amazing really. It was nice out yesterday....windy as all get out, but warm. So we did some things out side and had a pretty good day.
Today I've had yogurt, chicken salad, crackers, and a piece of chocolate. Yesterday I mowed the backyard, which felt like a work out, so I'll count it as one. It is supposed to rain to night and tomorrow, will I walk in the morning? Time will tell.
three days in one, mmmm, yes, I should have done this sooner!
Thursday I had two breakfast tornado things from the gas station and a lovely lunch with family after a very nice funeral service. Once again, I love my family! And my dear husband who got up and did all that driving before going into work! It was a long day. Dinner was asparagus and chicken on rice with hollandaise sauce, YUMO! Friday...oh, asparagus and carrot omelet then oh, while out with the girls I was quite bad, I had a piece of cake called Irish Cream cake, pretty good. Then Jason made some great veggie stir fry with beef, we do it sans rice to cut calories and it's SO delicious! Today I should have had breakfast before we left, I was snippy, which is very unpleasant for those around me, I am oblivious, so Jason wanted to feed me quick and took me to waffle house where I had a patty melt and a waffle. Then we had extra lean hamburgers for dinner with some tatters and onions, which I make with very little oil and lots of herbs.
Now I'm all caught up and will go to bed, tomorrow I'll post a picture of something Jason was doing today....

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I had yogurt for breakfast and chicken salad with crackers for late lunch. Yep, that's it.
This morning Jason and I are leaving for a funeral. My dad's aunt died earlier in the week. Aunt Alyce was a wonderful woman. She married a funny and kind man and they were very much in love. At my wedding she made a point of telling me a couple times how wonderful he was and how much she missed him. She doesn't miss him any more. I am truly blessed to have known her and Uncle Chuck. Their children, my dad's cousins are also wonderful, supportive and loving. I feel so blessed to have such beautiful extended family and to have been raised knowing them.