Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ah, Progress

Well, my sister's dress is mostly done and I've worked out a few of the kinks in the prototype dress. -- a note about that: Jason tried on the dress! I was down about how it wasn't quite working out the way I wanted it to, so he put it on so I could look at it better. I told him to get the camera, but of course he didn't. It was priceless, and just the pick up I needed. Its so easy to forget to laugh at ones self now and then! This afternoon I went to Joplin and visited my cousin Abby, she is also in the wedding. I will start work on her dress tomorrow most likely. This fabric is such a joy with which to work. It seems everything I do with it looks good. Well, that's today's update. Another note: YouTube is addictive. I had no idea you could watch so many great things. I've found lots of Miss Marple and Poirot, Wooster and Jeeves, just all the greats from BBC drama. Simply lovely!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Ah, winter. I have to say, I love all the seasons as they come. In spring I want to be out digging and planting and hoping. In summer I might be found out weeding or mowing or just laying in the hammock. In autumn I love long walks under trees watching the leaves descend and listening to them crunch under foot. But in winter I'm all about hunkering down and baking, sewing and reading. Right now I have two weeks before school starts up again and one week before I start babysitting again. I have got my work lined out for me and included certain breaks to do things with friends, don't want to get too shut up. Lovely, lovely life. Thank you to those who have so generously given their support! Such things mean all the world to me.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Well, Christmas is over. Whew. That was a lot of baking! But i love to do it. This is a picture from when Jason and i went to visit my folks last fall. While my mom was here i got some of her pictures. That was a nice visit. I intend to hit the ground running....or the sewing machine that Exciting times! I did find that telling my nephew and nieces their stories over the phone is not as good as in person...but it was nice to have Christmas with my baby.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas in the Air

Everytime i watch this i cry. The cannon part of this has a very special place in my heart... and the children singing make it powerful. i must find a copy of this whole show on dvd sometime.

So Much Done!

As you can see I've had a good day. Between Mel, Vicky, Emily and her Mom we got everything cut out but two dresses and one lining. Which means that Vicky got all her dress cut out, Em and her mom got her dress cut out, both of those have to modify if for different reasons. Vicky's tall, Em is not. Her mom was great. She's chock full of good tips and advice, we had fun. Mel got most of her dress cut out and played the role of espresso bringer and moral support, i know how much she hates to cut things out so after i finished cutting my sister's and Meredith's stuff i got her skirt cut out. i made sure there will be pleanty of fabric for Abby's dress and the back of mine and there was still enough left to send some to my sis who is making the flower girl dresses! i got the prototype dress cut out for the most part and sketched a bit to finalize some of my ideas. And i have the next two weeks off from work and school!!!!! sewing sewing sewing :)
oh, and i brought snacks which were delicious....and are still being enjoyed by the patrons now that the club is open for buisness.
i received some goodies in the mail this week. On the same day i had in my mailbox a big manila evelope from Linda, Jason's mom, a christmas card from my friend Helen, and a postcard informing me that my mom had gifted me with a subscription to Consumer Reports..... in the name Lucinda Sinco. :) I have since received the first issue of said periodical, Jason is enjoying it as i type, we tried to take a picture but it didn't turn out. And later in the week i found a christmas card from his grand parents, Carol and Jake. His family has done such a good job of making me feel like i'm already a part of the family!
The envelope from Linda had 12 drawings of ideas she has for center pieces. We asked her to design and make center pieces for the six long tables we'll be using. And she graciously agreed! After Jason and i looked at all of them we came up with a way to combine my favorites, i'm so excited to see what she does with it. She's a very talented artist. :)
Monday my mom is coming for most of the day and that night, dad will follow later and they will stay the night with me before going on to meet Jason's folks for the first time on Tues. and eventualy making their way to Virginia to spend christmas with my sis and her family. We are going to go shopping for supplies for the project i've asked her to do as well as just hanging out and doing some christmas stuff. Life is good!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I feel a bit like I'm in crazyland right now. Finals, juries, x-mas, all at once! And in the midst of it all I'm thinking wedding. Sigh. Both moms have agreed to help with some of the projects, which is wonderful! Makes it a bit easier for me to breathe. And Jason is doing more than his fair share of the planning, such a wonderful man! I think when the day is done next Thursday, I'll be ALL done with fall semester '08, things will really pick up. I found a dress that i had made years ago when i was in HMR, a historical reenactment group, and it is of the basic style i want to use for my dress. and i have some fabric which had no other plans so I'm gonna use it for my proto type dress. When we get together on the 20th i think we will be able to accomplish a lot as far as cutting out and planning go. :) I must say though, i keep having ideas for all the other non-wedding projects I'd like to be working on..... MUST STAY FOCUSED! LOL

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fabric cutting

I performed in the Piano ensemble concert this afternoon. I think it went well. I had a cool partner, which is helpful :) Andy is one of my fellow piano majors and we spent the semester working on two movements of a set of duets by Schuman. It was wonderful. And when it was over Jason and i came to the club...
and started working on the dresses!!!
Melody was here getting the place warmed up and Emily and Meredith came later. Jason and Em met her mom at a fabric store and got the fabric for her dress. They found a nice matt fabric that will go well with the tuxes the guys are wearing. We got Meredith and Melody's tops cut out and I had fun holding the pretty purpleness... This is the best fabric! so nummy! We will be getting together again in two weeks and hopefully everyone will be there, we could easily get everything cut out that day!
I am going to make a prototype of my dress with some radom cheep or I already own stuff. That should minimize the amount of redo on the real fabric.

Friday, December 5, 2008


YAY! Emily took these last Saturday night. Thank you for giving me something to post!

Jason did most of the stuffing, but i did address the ones to my family. YES, those are the invitations. When we went for thanksgiving to see my family in Joplin, we took the very first one to my Grammy. She lives in a retirement home and can no longer travel, so it meant a lot to me that she remembered Jason from when we had been there in July and she first met him.

Tomorrow some of the girls are meeting at the club to begin working on the dresses! so i should have plenty to write about tomorrow.