Saturday, December 20, 2008

So Much Done!

As you can see I've had a good day. Between Mel, Vicky, Emily and her Mom we got everything cut out but two dresses and one lining. Which means that Vicky got all her dress cut out, Em and her mom got her dress cut out, both of those have to modify if for different reasons. Vicky's tall, Em is not. Her mom was great. She's chock full of good tips and advice, we had fun. Mel got most of her dress cut out and played the role of espresso bringer and moral support, i know how much she hates to cut things out so after i finished cutting my sister's and Meredith's stuff i got her skirt cut out. i made sure there will be pleanty of fabric for Abby's dress and the back of mine and there was still enough left to send some to my sis who is making the flower girl dresses! i got the prototype dress cut out for the most part and sketched a bit to finalize some of my ideas. And i have the next two weeks off from work and school!!!!! sewing sewing sewing :)
oh, and i brought snacks which were delicious....and are still being enjoyed by the patrons now that the club is open for buisness.
i received some goodies in the mail this week. On the same day i had in my mailbox a big manila evelope from Linda, Jason's mom, a christmas card from my friend Helen, and a postcard informing me that my mom had gifted me with a subscription to Consumer Reports..... in the name Lucinda Sinco. :) I have since received the first issue of said periodical, Jason is enjoying it as i type, we tried to take a picture but it didn't turn out. And later in the week i found a christmas card from his grand parents, Carol and Jake. His family has done such a good job of making me feel like i'm already a part of the family!
The envelope from Linda had 12 drawings of ideas she has for center pieces. We asked her to design and make center pieces for the six long tables we'll be using. And she graciously agreed! After Jason and i looked at all of them we came up with a way to combine my favorites, i'm so excited to see what she does with it. She's a very talented artist. :)
Monday my mom is coming for most of the day and that night, dad will follow later and they will stay the night with me before going on to meet Jason's folks for the first time on Tues. and eventualy making their way to Virginia to spend christmas with my sis and her family. We are going to go shopping for supplies for the project i've asked her to do as well as just hanging out and doing some christmas stuff. Life is good!


Granny/Papa said...


You just amaze us!!! You're so talented, and smart!! Your dress is getting made by you. What memories!! All of the dresses will be beautiful. I saw a sample of the fabric, and the colors are very pretty. The soft satin will flow nicely, and blend beautiful with the purple. You will have an awesome wedding when all of this event is put together. . Have fun.

Linda said...

Lu and Jason, How exciting that you've gotten so much done with fabric. You'll have lots of fun seeing the dresses emerge. It's so wonderful that you have group support in getting things done! That is a tribute to the kind and caring people you both are. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Linda