Thursday, October 22, 2009

a trip and page 7

Here we are, The Artists' Way girls or "Way Ladies". Last weekend we drove in my car to Willow Springs MO and had an adventure which involved meeting both the good country boys and the not so good country boys and both incidents involved my driving....we'll leave it at that. Hearthaven is a neat place! The two ladies that were there while we visited were so welcoming and good to us. It was a real retreat, complete with collage work and a hot tub! Thanks to Em for showing me how to do a timed photo on the camera! The trees are so beautiful right now! I didn't capture anything like what I wanted to, but I knew I needed to stop or it would be a HUGE mess.
And I'm seriously looking into getting a minor in will be very helpful for my long term goal of Ethnomusicology. We shall see. Now back to my paper.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Page 6

My friend Heidi and I went to a piano recital Sunday and I guess it played over into the page I did later that evening. Still 6 for 6...I hope I can keep it up!
This weekend is going to be awesome! The ladies who have been doing the Artists' Way this summer and Walking in this World currently are going on retreat!! It will be chilly, but we can bundle up and I know it will be a blast.
I should post pictures on the garden. I've let the okra get ginormas and the zucchini are gone...and onions that the birds killed early in the season are coming back.....weird. I harvested all the annual herbs to dry for use and am going to transplant most of the perennial herbs so we can turn the beds...and we'll be putting two boxes out!!! Next year will be great!
I have to go to the dentist later today. Life is crazy this semester. All the papers and project to do. And I'm working on a Bach fugue in piano and loving it, but also realizing it is a challenge and hoping I'm up to it. It really helps to have a patient and diligent teacher!
I want to post pictures of the things I've been knitting, but as they are Christmas presents, I will wait. Maybe I can take a group picture of all of them before I wrap them....that's a good idea. I've been a knitting fiend. And am about to be a quilting one too!
Keeping it busy, Peace.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I actually did like I said and am posting this week's page and pictures of the study. This is where I sit every morning and do my morning pages and where most papers get written. And this is where I create. Sew, cut, bead, glue, paint, draw, collage....whatever, it tends to happen here. Jason got me a light to clip just above the table, it makes such a difference! We're gonna do some more rearranging in here, so these could be the before....we'll see. OK, I have more work to do.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stress is fun Not

I did this page last week. This one i did two weeks ago after being in VA.
I turned a paper in today that I was ashamed to put my name was bad. But by turning it in on time I can shoot for an A with the rewrite. Late and the best it could have been would be a B. Yeah, didn't plan well on that. Working on improving planning for the rest of the semester, and will be cleaning the study tomorrow. I worked hard core on a altered book....which I should have taken pictures of for this....anyway. The study is a mess and I don't function well in this sort of chaos. So, I'll do this weeks page and get back with you.