Saturday, May 30, 2009


This is the garden the first day we planted, which was the day after it was built. One week later... you can kind of see the radishes and zucchini that have sprouted! Tomatoes, Basil, Eggplant, Okra and some peppers. Everything is even bigger now, but the Eggplant has some kind of bug, so we need to get after it and do some more companion planting! There are also some weeds. So this is my big plan for today, house chores and Gardening. :) I want to post some pictures of the things I've been making as well, so there is another post in the near future.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not Too Shabby

Just cleared up a HUGE mishap with my grades for this spring. I thought I'd have 5 A's and a B, but when I checked I had the 5 A's, but the B was an F? So I double checked my math and the website the professor used for the class which had my grades for everything and my attendance...sure enough, should be a B. I emailed him immediately and he told me he'd fix it and was very sorry. YAY!!!
I have had a computer, math or science class every semester prior and therefore had at least one C in each semester. This is the best so far and I'm very proud. And I managed to do this while planning a wedding and moving and getting married....doesn't seem possible. That is, it doesn't seem possible until I think about all the wonderful loving support I had from family and friends and especially my wonderful husband. He gets all A's in my grade book!
I've been wondering why I feel so brain dead this week. Perhaps this has something to do with it. So I'll ease up on myself and get busy next week.
Who am I kidding? I don't even sit still well when I'm sick! HaHaHa

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So these go in reverse, this is one of our babies just 10 days after we could see their little beaks above the nest! Jason took this one, he got on the grass for a close up. I think this was 7 days after we could first see their beaks. They grow SO FAST!! Feed Me! This is three days after first seeing their beaks. Adorable! I am completely smitten. And sad that they aren't in the nest anymore. But yesterday the mama brought one in the back yard while I was out there. The baby got very close to me, just hop, hop hopped up to me like he knew me! Mom was close at hand and making sure I didn't do anything dangerous. So I just said hi and told him I was so happy he was doing well and learning to fly and feed himself. Jason wants to get a birdbath out there and set up a feeding station. I have some of Grammy's bird feeders, thinking about continuing the birdhouse collecting tradition too, we shall see. We also got our garden started. We have 4 tomatoes, 8 peppers, 4 eggplants, a bunch of onions, carrots, radishes, spinach, beans and peas, zucchini and okra. Also rosemary, 3 kinds of basil, 2 kinds of thyme, dill, tarragon, savory, oregano and sage. I don't think I left anything out. And of course, lavender and peppermint. And I want more herbs, hopefully soon. :) Jason was happy that all it takes is some dirt and plants and I'm ecstatic! He is so wonderful. And his back is so much better, still not 100%, but he worked so hard out there with me, and we took turns mowing. Life is pretty great.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I think I'll add a photo from the wedding, this is my sis, me and my cousin. This photo is a lot like one taken about 9 years ago for my Grammy's 80th birthday. Her 89th is Tuesday. My Cousin David took this photo. He took over 300! So awesome.
I miss Grammy, she always said she would dance at my wedding every time I stated that I would never marry. But she has been bed ridden for a few years now. The first time she met Jason, he hadn't proposed, I wasn't even thinking marriage, but she pulled me down close and asked if "we'd set a date". When I told her no, we're not engaged, she said, "you should". I was so relieved when Jason hadn't heard that! She is suffering from dementia, one time when I went to see her I think she thought I was her younger sister, I told her my mom would be there it a while and she was acting like a little kid and telling me we wouldn't tell "her", mom, about "it". I'm not sure what "it" was, but she figured things out once mom and I were both there in the room. So when Jason and I went to see her and give her an invitation to the wedding,
(she was the first to receive one) it was incredible that she remembered him! Even his name and how he was connected to me.
She has had such an impact on my life. There are so many things about me that she always knew and would talk about with me without my having told her about them in the first place. She was constantly telling me she was proud of me, that she loved me and that she was praying for me daily. I was always worried that I didn't/don't deserve that kind of love, that I'm not worthy of her pride, but I've come to realize that she was giving me something to strive for while at the same time assuring me that I as I am at anytime am loved and treasured beyond measure. I know she feels that way about all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She is a treasure, a blessing. I'm so grateful to my Aunt and Uncle in Joplin for making sure she is well cared for and as comfortable as possible in these last years.
Speaking of pride, I got 100% on the final exam in one of my music classes and that secured as A in that class. I'm always temped when I get 100% to think that they were being nice and gave it to everyone. But I know that I would never do that as a teacher, so I hope no one does it for me. I'm now very motivated to hit the books and finish this semester right!
And one more thing. Vicky asked our friend Jen to bring the DVD of last falls Hips Noir over so I could watch my solo. It was my first belly dance solo and I have this memory of just standing up there twirling my veil around like a lasso.....but that only happen for a few seconds toward the end, and whereas the preceding stuff wasn't exactly what I'd practised, it wasn't BAD. And I know what I want to do this year, and have the motivation to do it! Good times.