Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sestina in April

Don't keel over, but I am already posting this month's sestina..... it is true. I know, usually the day or week or month after is the norm, and I'm telling you now, don't think this is setting a new norm!

This one is meant to be funny or at least a bit ironic. After working for 4 hours in the little "cabin" that was built around our little department in the store this is what I wrote. 

Just got to say
This cage is too much!
I can't see
What or who.
Why would you do this?
What will you gain?

Little gain
with lots to say,
that is how this
becomes too much;
for whom
will I ever see?

Sunlight I can't see.
Just the impression to gain
a shadow of who
might come and say
"Hey, how much?"
All I have is this.

Coffee in this 
jail is something to see.
To smell to know how much
I have to gain
from learning what not to say
and to whom

By the way, who
does this?
I would like to say
""take it down, I can't see"
I know what that would gain.
A little too much.

So when much
more than who
is to gain
becomes this
way to not see
what can I say?

Who gains from this?
Too much to say, not much to see.

As a shameless plug: if you are in the Springfield area come to HyVee this week and see what has happened! We are transformed to the Wilson Creek Battlefield! Caribou is Edward's cabin, and this Friday and Saturday we are supposed to have a lady spinning yarn. The whole store looks pretty cool! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Catch Up!

Beach chairs!!
First Iris of the spring!
Newest addition to our back  yard.

Can't wait for this to bloom!!

It has been over a month. I'm a bad blogger. I'm over it and I hope you are too! :)
I do have a sestina for the month of March. And these are some pictures of just a few of the things going on with us. I have had so much going on this semester! I don't think I could begin to blog about any of it. So we will move on! Here's is promised sestina.

March 2012
Sun rising in a clear sky
Dandelions shining faces
That first cut grass smell
Brisk early mornings
Perpetual joy of bird songs
Heavy downpour raked with thunder

Yes, some of what I love about spring is thunder
The season lends us an ever changing sky
And ceaseless reason to let our hearts sing
Redbud dogwood tulip pansy faces
Smiling with the bright cheer of morning
A thorough pungency in the air

Everyday is full of treasures brought through the air
To be enjoyed but all the senses    Thunder
Rings the night     and in morning
Is quickly replaced by the blue sky
And children adoring every second with their faces
Upturned and their hearts full of song

Was it so very long ago that my heart full of song
Was the embodiment of childhood    When did the air
Heavy with grief fill my face
Silence of lightning soul of thunder
Wash the world ignite the sky
Dream big and keep going in the morning

The brevity of morning
Is mirrored in the song
Of flowers in spring   The sky
Offers no mercy the warm air
No lasting reprieve    Thunderous
Is my longing for an everlasting springs' face

So short a time with the pansy faces
Shine    Brief is the chill morning
The length of a clap of thunder
Is the time when all is new   Songs
Change   grow quieter  Sultry will be the new air
And time shows us the sky

Fleeting and wonderful these morning faces
I want nothing so much as thunders song in the air

(One of these days I really will be ready with a polished sestina fit for reading!)