Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bedded Down for the Winter

 Early last week I took advantage of a couple of warm days coinciding with a couple of days off and got the yard/gardens tucked in for the season.
 As you can see it was kind of a mess in the back 40, and the clean-up was much needed!
 This is the flower bed. The Castor Bean took over! I Loved this plant and will probably grow one every year for as long as I can.
 After I got the herb garden spruced up I had to take some photos of the little gnome.
 This is the flower bed ready for winter..... I hope. :)
 See, isn't that better? All the grass is trimmed and the dirt is turned, and the birds have some food.
And when there is a spot or two of warmth outside we can have a sit down and enjoy it. :)
This is the month of Thanksgiving. Many of my friends on Facebook are posting daily the things they are grateful for. I did something like that last year, but I am entirely too busy to commit to posting anything on a daily basis right now. I will say though that I am very grateful for the good old out doors, and for my parents encouragement of my love of gardening. Papa was always happy to let me help with gardening and encouraged me along in my first flower and herb bed adventures, and mom had such a good eye for beauty and what flowers and plants looked nice together. There are a lot of reasons I am thankful for my parents, but given the theme of this post I think it's good to point out this one.
And while I'm at it, I am exceedingly grateful to my husband for building garden beds for us/me. He is always so happy to help me with anything, even building me my very own garden tool box! I count myself as one of the luckiest, most blessed girls ever!