Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sestina in April

Don't keel over, but I am already posting this month's sestina..... it is true. I know, usually the day or week or month after is the norm, and I'm telling you now, don't think this is setting a new norm!

This one is meant to be funny or at least a bit ironic. After working for 4 hours in the little "cabin" that was built around our little department in the store this is what I wrote. 

Just got to say
This cage is too much!
I can't see
What or who.
Why would you do this?
What will you gain?

Little gain
with lots to say,
that is how this
becomes too much;
for whom
will I ever see?

Sunlight I can't see.
Just the impression to gain
a shadow of who
might come and say
"Hey, how much?"
All I have is this.

Coffee in this 
jail is something to see.
To smell to know how much
I have to gain
from learning what not to say
and to whom

By the way, who
does this?
I would like to say
""take it down, I can't see"
I know what that would gain.
A little too much.

So when much
more than who
is to gain
becomes this
way to not see
what can I say?

Who gains from this?
Too much to say, not much to see.

As a shameless plug: if you are in the Springfield area come to HyVee this week and see what has happened! We are transformed to the Wilson Creek Battlefield! Caribou is Edward's cabin, and this Friday and Saturday we are supposed to have a lady spinning yarn. The whole store looks pretty cool! 

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