Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not Too Shabby

Just cleared up a HUGE mishap with my grades for this spring. I thought I'd have 5 A's and a B, but when I checked I had the 5 A's, but the B was an F? So I double checked my math and the website the professor used for the class which had my grades for everything and my attendance...sure enough, should be a B. I emailed him immediately and he told me he'd fix it and was very sorry. YAY!!!
I have had a computer, math or science class every semester prior and therefore had at least one C in each semester. This is the best so far and I'm very proud. And I managed to do this while planning a wedding and moving and getting married....doesn't seem possible. That is, it doesn't seem possible until I think about all the wonderful loving support I had from family and friends and especially my wonderful husband. He gets all A's in my grade book!
I've been wondering why I feel so brain dead this week. Perhaps this has something to do with it. So I'll ease up on myself and get busy next week.
Who am I kidding? I don't even sit still well when I'm sick! HaHaHa

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