Thursday, December 11, 2008


I feel a bit like I'm in crazyland right now. Finals, juries, x-mas, all at once! And in the midst of it all I'm thinking wedding. Sigh. Both moms have agreed to help with some of the projects, which is wonderful! Makes it a bit easier for me to breathe. And Jason is doing more than his fair share of the planning, such a wonderful man! I think when the day is done next Thursday, I'll be ALL done with fall semester '08, things will really pick up. I found a dress that i had made years ago when i was in HMR, a historical reenactment group, and it is of the basic style i want to use for my dress. and i have some fabric which had no other plans so I'm gonna use it for my proto type dress. When we get together on the 20th i think we will be able to accomplish a lot as far as cutting out and planning go. :) I must say though, i keep having ideas for all the other non-wedding projects I'd like to be working on..... MUST STAY FOCUSED! LOL

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Linda Sinco said...

Lucinda & Jason, We love checking in on the wedding plans and are amazed at what you both have done so far. Yes Lu, stay focused on school. Your graduation will be a great reward. There will always be times when either you or Jason will pitch in to do more or less on projects, that's part of being a good team! Just jot down those other idea's for summer break.
I'm excited to be a part of the wedding. Linda