Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fabric cutting

I performed in the Piano ensemble concert this afternoon. I think it went well. I had a cool partner, which is helpful :) Andy is one of my fellow piano majors and we spent the semester working on two movements of a set of duets by Schuman. It was wonderful. And when it was over Jason and i came to the club...
and started working on the dresses!!!
Melody was here getting the place warmed up and Emily and Meredith came later. Jason and Em met her mom at a fabric store and got the fabric for her dress. They found a nice matt fabric that will go well with the tuxes the guys are wearing. We got Meredith and Melody's tops cut out and I had fun holding the pretty purpleness... This is the best fabric! so nummy! We will be getting together again in two weeks and hopefully everyone will be there, we could easily get everything cut out that day!
I am going to make a prototype of my dress with some radom cheep or I already own stuff. That should minimize the amount of redo on the real fabric.

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Granny & Papa said...

Lu & Jason,

You two are working so hard on getting things done for your wedding. You're just remarkable!!!
We just wanted to tell you we're so proud you're our "grandchildren". Love you, Granny & Papa