Sunday, April 4, 2010

three days in one, mmmm, yes, I should have done this sooner!
Thursday I had two breakfast tornado things from the gas station and a lovely lunch with family after a very nice funeral service. Once again, I love my family! And my dear husband who got up and did all that driving before going into work! It was a long day. Dinner was asparagus and chicken on rice with hollandaise sauce, YUMO! Friday...oh, asparagus and carrot omelet then oh, while out with the girls I was quite bad, I had a piece of cake called Irish Cream cake, pretty good. Then Jason made some great veggie stir fry with beef, we do it sans rice to cut calories and it's SO delicious! Today I should have had breakfast before we left, I was snippy, which is very unpleasant for those around me, I am oblivious, so Jason wanted to feed me quick and took me to waffle house where I had a patty melt and a waffle. Then we had extra lean hamburgers for dinner with some tatters and onions, which I make with very little oil and lots of herbs.
Now I'm all caught up and will go to bed, tomorrow I'll post a picture of something Jason was doing today....

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