Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Might Be Crazy

This is what I walk into and away from while gardening...when the windows were all open he'd sit in one and meow at me. He doesn't want outside as much as just wants to be where the awake one is. As you can see, we've experienced some growth. Jason thinned the onions a bit and we ate the yummie little ones with a fish and rice dish he made. It was delicious! I like to do companion planting to cut down on the bad bugs and such, it's a very organic way to garden. (On a side note, when I first heard of organic gardening I about flipped. Isn't gardening organic by nature? But then I learned more about the pesticides and plant foods used and how they are so bad for always helps to try and get the WHOLE story before getting all up in arms about a thing.) One of the things about companion planting is the use of marigolds. I used to HATE them. Mostly their scent. It's harsh, and there was a time when I thought orange was about the ugliest color ever.....times change, there are 30 marigolds in our garden. They are edible, the flowers taste peppery, or so I've heard. Jason's folks came for a visit earlier and I went to my first baseball game! I've been to basketball games and played softball--sort of-- and volleyball, but this was a real first. We had a great time, Jason, Joe and Linda were great about making sure I knew what was going on and we had a very nice time....even if the local team was having it's ass rather thoroughly kicked. HA! So, why I might be crazy. I'm in a graduate level course for five weeks. I'm liking it so far, and excited about the projects, just nervous that there won't be enough time in the day. I know school comes first, but there are so many projects I want to work on!!! So I'm working out an hourly schedule for the four days a week I'll be in class and babysitting. I think that will help. Below is a picture Jason took. I guess he couldn't resist. I hadn't even brushed my hair! But the dough needed to start rising, we do what we need to do!

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