Friday, July 17, 2009

Beautiful Day

This is a strip of the quilt for Torsten, Meredith's youngest. His brother decided his favorite color is blue...I will be interested to know what he thinks it is when he is finally talking!! This is a view of the first quilt I made, it is for Eleanor, my friend Helen's daughter. I tried to use a heart theme, but I'm the only one who seems to see it. Oh, well. All the rain we've had was good for the zucchini I guess!! This is today's harvest. Jason's mom gave me a recipe for frozen pickles that I will be putting to use today!! So, the zucchini win. I'm always tempted to capitalize Zucchini....but really think that's just going to go straight to their heads!! I know bad bad bad. The tomatoes are very crowded and I'm thinking of taking one out...we won't be eating that many anyway.....Jason is going to try and restake them as I did a less than satisfactory job at that last week. I say it's less than satisfactory by the way. :) So, school sewing and making things with my friends. Life is pretty good this summer!!

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