Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

I found out via Facebook, that one of my favorite music groups was planning to be in STL the weekend of my birthday. That is as simple as it gets. Jason seems to Love making me happy. The concert got a late start, but was so worth it!! This is Zoe Jakes, she mostly dances during some of their numbers, but sometimes plays a small drum she attaches to a neck strap. She is a beautiful dancer, and so fun! She was having fun with her skill/art, and could spin infinities! My hero! Jason took a picture to document the smile. I smiled SO MUCH that night! Smiled a lot that whole weekend. Jason's folks made reservations for all of us at a Greek restaurant for lunch and his mom took us to The Bead Store, which was a treat!! Then Jason paid for a pedicure that has lasted over a week! Last time I had a pedi was in VA for my birthday trip last year. I am so fortunate, 31 and still get a big deal made of my birthday. :) The concert was advertised as a masquerade, so I made some costumes. It was fun to use up scraps of things I loved as well as re-purpose other things. It was a great weekend all the way around. Tomorrow is the first day of the fall semester, my last fall semester as an undergrad, so crazy. I'm excited, but a bit of a wreck too.

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