Sunday, October 10, 2010


Truth is no matter how much I love to do it, I don't believe I can dance.
Truth is despite good people believing in me and skilled and knowledgeable people teaching me, I don't think I'm any good at the piano.
Truth is as much as I want to write, I don't do much of it because I know I'm not clear and relatable.
Truth is I know I don't practice enough of any of the above.
Truth is I'm no where near as good a wife as my husband deserves.
Truth is I know my opinion about these things is only my opinion and not absolute.
Truth is without the Love and Support of my family and friends I wouldn't be trying anything I love.
Truth is without the encouragement of those who love me I would still be working at Panera and expecting nothing more than a paycheck every two weeks.
Truth is some days the only thing that works is to remember what the people I admire most tell me about myself.
Truth is I will graduate in the spring.
Truth is I will perform a senior recital to the best of my abilities.
Truth is I will write many many papers and each one will be better than the last.
Truth is self-doubt is a part of being me, part of being human.
Truth is I need to remember to give back, to be the loving encouraging wife, daughter, sister, cousin, friend.
Truth is I try.
Truth is I plan to never give up.
Truth is I will keep putting one foot in front of the other until I have no feet, and then I will fly!


Georgann said...

Lucinda, my darling girl--your gifts are from God. Do not be afraid to fail. That only keeps you from trying anything. Give your gifts up to our loving Father! He wants to bless you and the world through you!
Love, Georgann

Debbie said...

Oh Lu, I love this piece it is so "TRUE". I am watching you fly even as we speak!!