Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Deepest Gratitude on this Veterans Day

Milton Dorris
Bob Carlisle
Dan DeWelt
Dick Meyers
Doug Crousore
Robert Meyers
Steve Bare
I likely know more than I've listed without knowing that I do, but I want to be sure to mention these men. I've known them all at some point in my life and am grateful for their sacrifice. I firmly believe that whatever a persons politics or opinions about war, we should all be thankful for the millions of men and women who willingly put their lives, families, futures, health, and sanity at risk so we have the privilege to try to make the world better. America is not perfect, not by any means, but I think it is fair to state that its failings are as much the fault of its citizens as its politicians. But that is for another post on someone else's blog.
Thank you, you deserve so much more gratitude than you get!

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