Monday, September 14, 2009

Page #2

This week has been on the crazy side. For some reason getting into the swing of things the semester is proving more difficult than usual. Paper #1 is basically done and the first project got turned in OK. I think once I've had a couple tests things will feel more settled. Thursday I leave with my cousin Abby for VA!! The last bit of my 30th birthday bash. I'm pretty excited. I'm also going to miss Jason. This will be the first we've been apart since the wedding. I'd like to say this will be the longest we'll ever be a part, but no one really knows the future. OK, enough with the sappiness. I did this after my walk Sunday morning. I try to go to the nature center and walk the long trail every Sunday. It is so peaceful. I'm not the only one walking, I pass people coming the opposite direction and am passed by people going the same direction but at a faster pace....speed is not my goal with these walks, just going there and doing it is the goal. Eventually I'd like to be able to walk the whole thing at a faster pace and without getting winded or having to stop and sit for a few seconds. I think by doing it every week I will get there soon enough. The terrain is pretty all over the place, at one point you're walking through a field of wildflowers, others you're beside a creek walking on huge rocks which are often slippery and various kinds of forest. I love this place and will miss it when we move. So my Art Journal page this week was reminiscent of the walk. Geez, I should sleep more, I might make more sense, enough!

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Melody said...

You should record it once before your move. A slow walk with life moving around you. Then when you miss that you can watch it.
I love Page 2!