Monday, September 28, 2009


Ah, the ocean!! I had a wonderful time with my sis and her family and was so blessed that Abby could come with me. It was great to have the cousins back together for some girl time. I loved to just stand and let the waves wash over me, if I'd had a bathing suit I'd have been out in them! My feet are burried in the sand I've sunk that far as the waves move in and out. It was beautiful to stand there and feel that, so much power and beauty holding that moment true. It was quite windy! This is Joella, my sister. On Friday we went to colonial Williamsburg and had a blast looking at shops an having lunch. Abby is probably realizing that I will become annoying with the camera soon. HA!
I did a page when I got home last week and have done another this week. So I'll post them soon, but the camera is not close by and I'm lazy, thus it will keep for another time.

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