Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Rough Draft

Wrote this on Friday. Friday started out as an awesome day, the weather was great (I don't know what happened, but most of this original post is gone. I still have the poem though, so I will keep working on it, and perhaps post a better draft next week!)

I have a wild hair-

Correction, I have a million wild hairs

Each one of them crawling

In its own direction

It is Spring

Yes, Spring with a capitol S

My yard is a wash of yellow and green

The birds sound happy again

And there is no recession

Of beauty and growth

No recession of love

Of peace and the prosperity

Of friendships and days full

Of laughter and wonder

This is a day when the wind

Is finally warm

Every wild hair on my head

Reaches out to catch that

Wind and let it take them

Where it will. They will me

With the force of their

Numbers to listen to the

Fleetingness of not knowing

Where it started or where it

Ends, but of continuing

On and on, an eternity of

Knowing that truth cannot

Be held in any one person's

Hand, and that athe same

Time it can only be held in

tEach person's self.

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