Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Day

I will never forget where I was on this morning Eight years ago. 
I had decided to go to my favorite place to watch the sunrise. 
I knew that day was special.
I knew that I was going to be an aunt again, and this time it would be a girl!!
I also knew I had to work.
So early in the morning I was up before the sun.
I went to my place and sat and as the sun rose I quietly sang my favorite lullabies and put the finishing touches on Serenity Anne Crousore's baby afghan.
9/11 is such a sad day for so many,
for me it is a beautiful day which I choose to spend in celebration.
Even when I can't be there physically, 
I always celebrate this day.
I always celebrate this girls life.
I love being her aunt.
Someday we will live closer and I hope we will be good friends.

Happy Birthday Serenity!!!

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