Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sestina for February

Before I give you the poem I will let you know that due to some pressure from well meaning and dear friends I went to the Dr. about my blood pressure. It is high, but on the boarder as far as needing to be medicated. However some of the episode type things which have happened to me along with other information lead him to order a lot of blood work and an EKG, the results from which I will not have until Monday. So, I'll let you know what is up with that next week. He did say good job for starting with the dietitian and for loosing 4lbs since I started seeing her and 16lbs since my highest weight on record.

Now for some poetry.

I decided to do something simple to see what it was like. For the shortest month of the year, this Feb, has been quite long! So this is what I have.

I want to scream
I want to cry
I want to wail
I want to be still
I want to sing
I want to soar

I need to soar
I need to scream
I need to sing
I need to cry
I need to be still
I need to wail

I must wail
I must soar
I must be still
I must scream
I must cry
I must sing

Let me sing
Let me wail
Let me cry
Let me soar
Let me scream
Let me be still

I know how to be still
I know how to sing
I know how to scream
I know how to wail
I know how to soar
I know how to cry

Now I will cry
Now I will be still
Now I will soar
Now I will sing
Now I will wail
Now I will scream

Cry sing, wail scream,
Be still        soar

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