Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick, Eat Something!

Not really.
It does feel that way some days though.
I met with the Dietitian. The good news is that my cholesterol and glucose are fine. My triglycerides...... and blood pressure..... Not so great. Bad in fact.
And my eating habits are abysmal.
So she gave me some direction and told me to keep a food journal and I am surprised by some of what I'm learning about me and food.
Mostly it is not enough to take this one day at a time for me. I need to go more like one part of the day at a time. But if I do that then it is doable. hehehe, just got to be focused and determined and so on and so forth. She gave me a lot on information about protein and carbohydrates, and a formula to be sure I'm getting enough of each kind. It is funny because I now eat three meals and two stacks. I am to watch the portion sizes - this is the funny part - I find that I think what is the right amount for snacks and breakfast and lunch are too big, but sizes for dinner are too small. But balance is key, throughout the day, and everyday.
I don't drink nearly enough water, or anything really. So getting used to drinking, hydrating again is challenging. I was consuming around 2 glasses of water a day and 2-4 cups of coffee and about once a week drinking a soda. To get me started I am to drink at least 4 glasses of water a day and have as much water as I do coffee when I have coffee. I am going to float away! But it's only been a day and I feel better. :)
Jason is super duper supportive. We do the pilates fusion videos together whenever our schedules allow for it, and when they don't he does that and I do something...just not always the pilates. 13 days of exercise down. !!! Go us! We take Saturdays off. :)
All in all things are going well. Plugging along with school and enjoying life as a barista!

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