Monday, February 13, 2012

Making It Real

This is the view of our livingroom for a time most days of the week.
A couple weeks back, Jason started doing an exercise routine everyday before work. I've wanted to incorporate exercise and activity to my daily routine, but consistently failed. So we began doing it together most days. 
It is nice to go for a walk with the man I love. We can talk through anything from what we're doing with the rest of the day/weekend, to how we feel about various events. And when we do a video together its nice to have someone there sharing the pain and triumph of completing the whole video! 
I am going to see the nutritionalist at work this week. We are going to create a plan and hopefully solve some of my health problems. Time will tell. But I feel good about sticking with a plan that is for my life and that my life's partner supports. 
Big changes are happening, but in small doable steps and I am not making these changes alone. I am just about the happiest, most blessed girl in the world.


Vicky said...

I see a Guano!

Searching said...

Yes, he likes to "help" us. :)