Monday, March 9, 2009

Internet Explorer won't let me look at my blog, but apparently I can make a new post. I've notified the blogger help page, I'm not the only person having this problem and they are working on it. Progress has been made with the wedding none the less. :) Yesterday Meredith came to the new house and we worked on dresses. I got mine grommeted and finished the waist band in Abby's skirt, which is good since she'll be here this weekend and I want to get everything fitted while she's here. :) Meredith's top is looking very nice and we were able to do the alterations and I think she got past the harder parts of the construction. I kept thinking yesterday, "She better wear this to other things, this is too much work for one day." but then, at the same time I was telling myself that my dress only has to be on for one day! But that was the whole idea behind letting the bridesmaids pick out the patterns, so they might wear them as often as they like. Mom was here this past Saturday and we had some good mom and daughter time. Also got some things accomplished too, like packing a bunch of books and getting the guest book and some things for the project she's working on for the wedding. So despite the trouble with Blogger, things are coming together!

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Anonymous said...

Lucinda and Jason, You're both doing so much to make this wedding a personal event. It will be beautiful! Sounds like you're getting things done, but don't hesitate to ask for help. Love, Linda