Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Centerpieces, Necklaces and Photo Albums, OH MY!

I'm in a goofy mood. I took a test for my history class and got a good grade :) And Jason is working so hard to get his old house cleaned out, I feel bad that I can't help him more with that. But soon it will be behind him. And I had a bit of an adventure with my hot water heater today. But all is well.
The above is a picture of one of the centerpieces Linda, Jason's mom, has made for the wedding! There are so many creative people involved in this wedding that I'm sure it will be a joy just to see all the beautiful things and people in the same room. I made my necklace over the weekend, if I think of it I'll have Jason take a picture so I can post it. After I got all the stuff together that I wanted to use in it I realized most of it originated from the ocean, or a body of water. Anyone who knows Jason will get why that's neat. And my mom is on a mission to find our guest book photo album etc.
I am so blessed. I'm in love with the most wonderful of men. And he has a wonderful family that have been so welcoming of me. My own family has been so supportive and helpful through this whole process, if a bit shocked. I spent the first 27 years of my life SWEARING that I would NEVER get married. I'm still grinning about that. And to top it all off my friends. Always offering to help with any and every little thing and thinking of things that I wouldn't have thought of til it was too late! Melody had me come over last Saturday and she did a trial run of hair and make up for the wedding. She worked some magic and Jason approved of everything...'cept for the stickiness of the lip gloss. lol.
So I'm a little goofy, mostly though, I'm HUGELY grateful!


Linda said...

Lucinda, Everyone says stuff as they are growing up, that's part of becoming who we are. Luckily we evolve as we have different life experiences. It is going through that time that led you & Jason together. You both deserve to have a wonderful life. All the pieces will come together in a few weeks! Love, Linda

Italian Ceramics said...

It's so happy when you are surrounded with helpful people. Whom you can ask if you need something to done and vice versa. Excited to see the post for the upcoming event.