Sunday, February 1, 2009


Look at my booty!!! Well, I should say "our" booty. Jason did purchase them. But I carried them all over the expo center and parking lot..... HA! 671 letters, numbers and symbols in varying sizes. Ah, the amount of joy the acquisition of this treasure brings to my heart cannot be put to words. We, Jason and I, went to the community yard sale today. It was huge, and very very crowded. And for the most part overpriced. We'd been there for maybe 10-15 min. when I spied an open suitcase full of letters and numbers and such from a printing press or something. There was a sign reading ".50 for large or 3 for a $1, .25 for small or 5 for a $1" So I set about trying to find the letters to spell something thinking "What a bargain!" Then I hear the champion of my heart ask, "How much would to take for all of them?" I couldn't believe my ears. $44 was the price. I told him I thought that was a bargain and before I could take it all in we were closing the case and making out like bandits! YAY!! I also acquired some very nice hand crocheted lace for next to nothing and a wrought iron butterfly. It was a very good day.

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Linda said...

Lucinda & Jason, Sounds like a fun outting. After 3 semesters of print making I am drawn to the whole process. If you need supplies I still have my printers ink, instructions & such. You could also use the little blocks to design things. I'm sure you have lots of ideas. That was a great score + good way to spend a winter day. Have fun! Love, Linda