Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I am going to blog about moving last weekend. But I want to post the picture Jason took with it. Silly? Probably.
I feel like its crunch time. There are only little bits of sewing left to do, and my sis has been great about the cake decorating. She's made three mock cakes and sent us pics so we can say yea/nae about this or that(above). Everyone has been so supportive and helpful. I've been going over to the new house for a little while everyday to clean some of the things that were moved in, or take over things of my own. Jason gave me some money to use for organizing the draws in the kitchen. That was fun, and he asked me to pick out some place mats and napkins. We think once we get both our houses integrated we might have to have a yard sale. We have a bit of overlap.
School is going well, but as the middle of the semester approaches more and more tests creep up and projects come due. Thankfully I have a plan.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucinda & Jason, So which of the 3 variations did you like? I was able to click on the cake photo & it enlarged enough that I could see the variety of icing. Very pretty! I'm reminded of all the lace & doilies you like to work with. A garage sale is a great idea, then you can get a little $ to buy other things you may need. Enjoy making the new place a soon to be home!Love, Linda

soon to be sinco said...

i like all three. but i don't know what Jason thinks yet. Since there will be 3-4 layers, she could do some of each.... we shall see. :)

Anonymous said...

Lu & Jason,

The Cakes are pretty & we can't hardly wait for a "slice". You two just amaze us!!! What joy!!! Keep making those memories!! It's "count down time". Love to you both!! Granny & Papa