Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blue Skies

As I write this it has started to rain, but the above picture reminds me of the blueness of the sky these past few days. The weather has been beautiful, so not what I expect in November, but nice none the less.
On the 5th a tooth was pulled from my lower right jaw and my bottom lip and chin are still numb and hurt from time to time. Apparently this can happen and will go away eventually. The recovery from this ordeal has been rougher than I'd have thought, but the dentist thinks it may well be the last tooth I ever loose because the roots are so healthy. That at least is good news!
That same day my dear husband drove to the Ill. side of STL and back to bring home a sofa from his folks. It is great to have a nice comfortable sofa that is easier to get off of, but it made for a long day, and the weekend following was barely enough time to recover.
I did do an art page last week, but I will not be posting it now. The reason is just that I know I'll be doing another tonight, and would rather wait and to a post just about that, and about art in general.
The same ladies who did the Artists' Way are now doing Walking in this World, by the same author. We are meeting in public later this evening. I should have called ahead to warn the shop, they may want to make sure we get a secluded table. When we get together nothing is sacred, meaning that everything is discussed and then some. Well, and we're loud. Or at least, I'm loud. I can't wait though, chpt. 4 and 5 are so good! It will be fun to talk it out and hear what every one else has to say.
I will leave you today with a photo I took inspired by an artist I've seen in the Somerset Studio magazines.

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