Sunday, November 29, 2009


This weeks page is dedicated to the color teal. Previous two weeks pages, the tooth extraction and a yellow house with green trim and a red door, don't necessarily want such a thing, just wanted to write about it. We went to my folks' for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful time of relaxing and playing games, and of course eating delicious food! And when we got home yesterday we got a tree!! Decorating it was fun, Jason took a lot of pictures of that process, but I was in my jammies after a long day of driving and don't want to share all of those. Guano was insistent that he be the center of someone's attention, so many of those photos have some of him in them.
Goodness he's cute!
I am so blessed, I'm madly in love with a wonderful man, who takes such good care of me! I have so much to do for school and the holidays. Life is a bit crazy. But it was good to take a few days and see my parents and put up a tree. Now, there are papers to write, music to arrange and pieces to memorize!

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