Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween and Happenings

This is a printers drawer my father gave me, it's been creamerized and cleaned up an the shells and rocks in it are all ones I got myself, most at the beach, but some from a creek on the AR/OK border and all with my sister. I like this, and just need to figure out where to hang it. Halloween! I was Mrs. Peacock in the (insert room here) with a rope, Jason made me a noose to carry around. I think it's obvious who he was, but it was a totally homemade last minute thing and he was rightly very proud of his costume! His cape had pockets! And on halloween day we did some yard work. Two new boxes Jason made and we filled and he made a nice compost box there in the corner, so so happy!!!! Next spring will be awesome! This week I did two pages because I didn't do any last week. Wed was a rough anniversary for me and that is mostly what these are about. And yesterday I had a tooth pulled and am recovering well. Jason went and got a sofa from his folks and now we have a nice comfy sofa in the living room!! I am so blessed and well loved!

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Melody said...

Yay! I am glad you are so blessed!