Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Spring

The Way Ladies took a trip to St. Louis recently. Hosted by my in-laws, Joe and Linda. We had a wonderful time.
Sunday we stopped at an international market for some goodies. You can't tell in this picture so much, but they are sampling the amaretti cookies Meredith picked up. :)
One of the many shops we visited on Saturday. Linda commented how it looked like the pictures in Victoria magazine, and I quite agree. We really had too much fun and Gringo Jones. Thinking we should have got that hat, maybe one for each of us, then when we finally make it to a beach someday we will be prepared! Another view of the shop that could be featured in Victoria, maybe it has been....
I am so thankful I have such wonderful in-laws! They opened their home to us and were perfect hosts, and I was so glad Linda could spend the day with us Saturday, we all had a blast! This weekend was the president's concert at school. Something I've participated in every spring since I started back to college. It's put on by the choir and orchestra, so I kind of have to, but I always love the music and being a part of it. I don't always love the long hours of rehearsal right at the end of the semester when I should be studying and so forth, but I soon forget that when we are in the moment. It is very frustrating at times to be around students who seem to think it is a waist of time. People in choir are there because they are music majors or they WANT to be there. GRRRR... Sometimes I wanted to turn around and tell some of them clam up and enjoy it or go away you're ruining for the rest of us! But I was good and just held my tongue. This year we did Elijah, oh, it was neat! I love Mendelssohn's music and this was one of the best, the harmonies and melodies and mingling and intertwining of voices and instruments is superb. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this sort of music making.

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