Sunday, May 9, 2010

Distractions GOOD

I have rearranged a bit in the study in the hopes of getting it all clean and organized. These are before pictures. I should have taken some before I rearranged, and even right after I moved the furniture. What you see here is much better and cleaner that what was this time last week. Geesh! What a mess! I realized this past week that after studying and practicing for a couple hours I really needed to DO something, something for which I could see immediate results, so I began this process. And I think it has helped everything. Won't you be glad to see the after pictures? I will. :) Much studying to be done this week, interspersing it with some hands on work in here should make things go much smoother, and I'll have a chance to talk myself through what I've just studied to be sure I've got it in some kind of sense.
Soon I'll be back into Dickens with my reading buddy!!!

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