Monday, May 31, 2010


The tall plants/bed are potatoes. Jason is very proud and excited about them. Next to those are the zucchini and some marigolds. We did some serious weeding in this bed and the tomato basil bed behind it be fore getting to work taking down the following. We decided to air out the tents and see what they look like. He's never seem mine, I've never seen his, so we set them up and left them over night. All nice and fresh. Next day what had been a bit pink was red, the tank I've got on is pink, if that gives you any indication. I keep forgetting I have that tattoo. The whitish stuff is the lotion Jason lathered on for me before heading off to work.
I've thought a lot about sunburns. Remembering some of the worse one's I've had in my life and so forth. I realized something, all the worst ones, except the one on my scalp, happened when I was the one responsible for my sunscreen. In other words, when I was on an outing without mom, or since I've been an adult. Yes, this is in part due to my belief that I am unstoppable and impervious. Also a bit daft. I always, always forget how bad it is until it's happened again. I'm a wimp about it too. Poor Jason's had to put up with all the wincing and whining. But last night I managed to sleep on my back and only woke myself up a couple times trying to roll over. Is there a moral to this story? Duh, were more sunscreen, and make sure to get you're back. But, will I actually remember that next time, doubtful. So, I've been stuck inside. I choose to sort through my fabric. Remember how clean and nice this room was a week or so ago? It's already looking better, and I'm getting lots of things planned out, it's pretty exciting. If a tad overwhelming.

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Anonymous said...

Love the garden. Hate the sunburn. Aloe????