Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And so the Semester Begins

Jason and I had a lovely time visiting his family last week! We drove up after he got off work wed. night and stayed til sat. evening. It was nice to have Christmas with his family and then celebrate three January birthdays! This week is my first back at school. I can tell this will be a homework intensive semester, but I'm looking forward to it as most of the work is music related. I have most of my non-music classes out of the way now! YIPPEE! The dresses are no further than they were a week ago. Jason said he could tell I was burnt out by the time we left for the trip, so I'm especially glad we had that break. But now I'm ready to get back to it! I want to have him help me take pictures of what I have done so far...maybe Saturday will be a good day for that. He's been house hunting all week. I'm glad he wants to take charge and do those kinds of things, he has such a great attitude and can be more business like than I can. This weekend we get to celebrate his birthday. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun. OK, still no pictures. Hopefully I can make it up by having several of the dresses this weekend.

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Linda Sinco said...

Lucinda & Jason, We really enjoyed being with you both last weekend. Very exciting to hear about all the things you have planned. You both will have to rely on each other to get things done for the wedding, as well as starting your new life when married. Keep the focus on school, everything else will fall in place. Good luck with all your projects. Love, Linda