Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trapped & Creative

The weather is nasty. So I baked. :) I like the test cakes I made. Jason came and took one which I iced to work to see what people think, and of course to have some himself. Knowing that he planned to do this and having some chocolate chips on the shelf I made a batch of them for him to take to work as well. Those crazy folks are feeding Springfield, someone aught to feed them too. lol. Anyway, about the cakes. They baked up beautifully and I have two to freeze. In one week I'll pull one then in two or more weeks I'll pull the other. I have a feeling that this cake is a tad sweeter than most are used to, but I like the scratch vs. out of a box. While all that's going on I've also been working on some put off artsy projects as well. Making a box out of an old book and doing some collage on another box. Now I'm wanting to get down to some art journaling. But first I've just remembered there is some reading I could do for school. Oh, yeah, I've been memorizing my Mozart as well. Just doing a bit then going off to bake or glue something, then coming back later and doing more. It feels good to be productive. Some snow days in the past I've spent reading or knitting while watching films.....this day may end that way!

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Linda said...

Hi Lu & Jason, Glad to hear cake production was successful. I'm sure the Domino's group appreciated baked goods. Good to have time to regroup a bit on projects. Love, Linda