Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Hunt

This afternoon Jason took me house hunting. We saw about 20-30 houses for rent in the neighborhoods we checked. 3 or 4 of them met his requirements, and we got to meet one landlord and have a look inside a nice three-bedroom house. But that was just the first one. As nice as it would be to have this figured out now, it will be nicer to have just what we want. So we told him we had a couple more to look at before we could say for sure. Since I have Monday off from school I'm going to be working on the dress basically until it's done. The only thing I'm willing to leave off is the hem and the fine work. Last night we met with some friends and had a birthday dinner for Jason. It was good to see everyone again and catch up. Everyone at the table will be in the wedding! I think that's neat. I'm also thrilled that Jason's family have shared so much with us! His grandparents are letting us use their cake topper, and both of their daughters used it for their weddings too. And his folks got out their bride and groom glasses and feather pen, and Linda is letting Jason use some of the leftover fabric from her own wedding dress. It's perfect because her dress was yellow and the grooms color is yellow! To top it all off though, his Papa gave him his wedding ring. We were both blown away. What a treasure. It's easy for me to see how he came to be the wonderful man he is when we visit his family. Like I told my Aunt Carol not too long ago, "Sometimes family is everything."

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Linda said...

Lucinda & Jason, House hunting can be both exciting & nerve racking. You'll find a place that seems right. It's your first place as a couple and you'll fill it with memories. Hope the sewing is going well. The wedding items given to you both are done with love, that you may start with some of the hopes and dreams our family has for your wonderful life together. Best wishes. Love, Linda