Monday, March 29, 2010

I had yogurt for breakfast and after class got myself a late--how do I get the ' above the e, anyone? Came home for lunch and had chicken salad on a whole wheat pita and drank some water. I had about an ounce of super dark chocolate then had two bowls of oatmeal with blueberries and flax for dinner. An hour later I was still hungry so I had some of the other kind of chicken salad. I'm now drinking a glass of red wine and REALLY want to get in bed. I was up last night working on a presentation I gave in a class today and then just couldn't sleep. So I've been running on 4ish hours all day.
A note about the Dickens project. I'm taking a break. My buddy and I got three books in and I realized to pull decent grades this semester I really need to be studying stuff for school. I was having fun, too much maybe, looking up random works and places and names from the stories, reading reviews and commentary...yes, I'm a geek, but I like it. :) SO when school is out for this semester I will have a Dickens laden summer, at least I hope to! I'm fortunate to have an understanding friend taking this literary journey with me. :)

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