Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beauty and the Beast!

My darling, wonderful, romantic, husband surprised the b'jeebers out of me last night. We went to Little Tokyo for dinner, which is where we went on our first date, and I thought for sure we would be going home afterward. We also had planned to do a no-power night, turn every thing off and use the fire place for heat and candles and flashlights for light. So I was thinking about going home and getting ready for that. Then we get in the truck and he opens the glove box and pulls out a bag with a card in it. I open the envelope and the card is Disney's Belle, awe, I think, he's so cleaver to know my favorite Disney cartoon. Then I open the card, Angela Lansbury sings as I see that he has paper-clipped two tickets to see the Broadway show that night at Juanita K.!!! I was in shock! And so excited!! We went and it was wonderful, magical, and I didn't care a wink that I was as giddy, if not more giddy than all the little girls running around in their princess costumes!
The no-power night was a success, and now he is getting a little more sleep in the real bed before waking up for work. (we used the air mattress in the living room to be close to the fire!)
In other news I'm starting an adventure of sorts. I don't want to bore anyone with the details just yet, but I will be on a macrobiotic diet for the next six months. Until my 32nd birthday. At that point I will be reassessing and see whether or not to stick with it in all its strickness, or to start to loosen up a bit and work on having a balanced diet I can live with long term. This means that for the next six months, no caffeine, no sugar, no refined or processed foods, no chicken, no dairy, and little to no red meat. This is just the tip of it, the harsh part of it. I truly feel like I need to get everything back in balance. The pendulum has been way off to one side for a long time. I think it needs some time way off on the other side before it can swing to the center and have a hope of staying there. I will likely be using this blog to keep track of how this is going, and as a means of accountability for me. I haven't decided if I'll try that whole checking in everyday with what I ate that day thing, or something else. But it will be something.
OK, now I'm off to get this thing started!

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