Monday, February 14, 2011

This Week, There will be cheese.

Yes, there will. I didn't use up what was in the fridge before yesterday, so I'm giving myself that one for this week, I will use it up and that will be that. For a few months. I'm thinking I need something to look forward to when I'm trying not to kill everyone in sight. But maybe the no coffee thing won't be as bad as I think it will. Maybe.
I'm stocked up on three different types of brown rice, pearl barley, lentils, quinoa, polenta, and wheat berries. I also have lots of veggies ready to go and made a delicious soup yesterday which will be good today and tomorrow. Trying to figure out what to take with me to eat at school. Found some dehydrated veggies at Mama Jeans that were yummy, and not too much cash, so that should work most days.
Not much to report today. Went to PED and worked out, that is becoming interesting. I can feel the difference in my back and legs. Still not willing to jog in front of everyone yet, but I try to walk about as fast as some of them jog... We shall see.

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Abby said...

Ohhh, I've been wanting to try quinoa! Let me know how it turns out.

I'm so incredibly proud of you :) Adopting new, healthy habits, and learning to take better care of yourself can be really hard at times. But here you are, doing it anyway. I think that's amazing! Just like you ;)