Monday, February 21, 2011


I have found that at the end of the day I get a bit dizzy. I think it is just that I am adjusting to the newness of this diet. I think too, that the barometric pressure has something to do with it.
Some of my friends and I are working our way through a book called "Walking In This World". It is meant to be done in 12 weeks, one chapter a week. We had started this book a while back and didn't finish, for various reasons. Now, though I think we will finish and it will be good. This last week was about finishing things, breaking up the blockage in our brains and lives, so we can move forward productively. There are so many things I would like to finish. So many drawers I want to organize, knitting projects for myself that I never work on, ideas for things to sew and put on etsy, papers I should start working on for school, meals I should plan for the rest of this week and some of next, this list could likely go on without end.
Then I think, hey, I am finishing something. Something big. I'm going to graduate in May. That's huge. And strange. Weird, beyond description. Yet true. Unless I let other things get in the way. I have one really huge thing to finish right now, my bachelors degree.
What with all the health issues, car issues, blizzard, and so forth happening this semester, I feel like I've got off that track a bit. I know my marriage comes first, and that my health and school are second. All these other things need to be put firmly in their place!
Eh, did any of that make sense? Who knows, I'm too dizzy to tell. HA!

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Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense. Finish this big thing and the rest will follow. Just take care of you.