Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

Yep. I get a snow day! I do wish Jason got a snow day too, but I respect him for working so hard, and so honestly. Blizzard, here, and what I'm seeing doesn't look anything like the blizzards of my imagining. I especially remember my mom reading the "Little House" books and Laura describing some real blizzards, serious snow. I am so grateful to have a warm and safe house to stay in and do some baking, cleaning, and crafting. I may do some homework. May do it. :)
It really is beautiful, this snow. I have the urge to go outside and play like a little kid. When I was a kid, we had those radiator things for heat in the house. It was great to go out and play till we were beat and then come in and put all our snowy wet things on and under the radiator in the dinning room. Mom would make soup and grilled cheese. Those were the days!
I haven't been posting much lately. I actually considered cancelling this blog altogether. But, I think I'm just nervous. Waiting for the next Dr. visit and to see what is wrong and what can be done about it. When they don't just come out and tell you that you don't need to worry about it being something serious it's hard to not worry. Friday I go in for my appointment. I think it will be something simple and we will just treat it with meds for a while and then I'll be fine. But until the Dr. tells me that is for sure what's going on, I'm going to be anxious. And just accepting that, and not telling myself that I'm an idiot, or selfish for being worried when there's not concrete reason to be worried, is what I need to do. So, I'm worried. Hopeful, but worried.
And enjoying the snow. :)


Vicky said...

what has the docs said so far? HUGGS

Anonymous said...

Worry isn't necessarily a bad thing - it got you to the dr. Go ahead and worry, just don't fret--and don't be anxious. You are loved and God is in control.