Tuesday, July 5, 2011

About My Summer

It occurs to me that I sound, what, odd? Ridiculous? I get to take a nap everyday if I want to and I'm complaining or at least worried about this?

Yes, but not because I get to choose my ideal sleep schedule.

I am now not contributing to our household. Though I know what I contributed before was meager, it was something. So that is part of why I need to find some students. The other part is that I want to stay in the subject I study as much as I can. And while teaching piano, or music to children is not what I would like to do once I have my "career", it is something I can do now, and that I think I would enjoy doing now that will keep me in music, as opposed to, say, working at Dillons. Not that there would be anything wrong with that. A job is, after all, a job.

The other facet to this stone is that I haven't not had someplace to be or something to do on someone else's schedule for over a decade now, and I still feel weird not having someplace I need to be at a certain time. It is just for a few weeks. I must keep that in perspective too. :)

OK, enough about that. Next time perhaps I'll blog about why this blog is called Sinco Searching......perhaps.

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