Monday, July 4, 2011

My Summer

This is my Summer. 

Each index card has the name of a project, I would like to finish all these projects this summer. So far my days go about like this: wake up at 6 am, do the usual morning stuff and go for a walk, right now I'm walking about 2 miles, I want to get that up to 4 by the end of August, then I do some yard work, followed by more morning stuff, then I make something, or clean something, or both. By 11 am I am ready for a nap, so when it's not in the mid to high 90's I go out and lay in the hammock and try to sleep until about 1 pm. Then  I have a little time with Jason before he goes to work, and in the evening I try to do the noisier cleaning and creating. I try to fit in an hour or so everyday to do some online networking. I am trying to do what I can to promote our Etsy shop, as well as see what I can do to get some piano students. 

When Jason told me that he wanted me to focus on getting students this summer and not try to find a part-time job someplace, I was not sure how well I would do with that. I have tried giving my self a schedule and tasks. So far so good. It's been a week or so and I'm not crazy yet, so this might work...

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Naima said...

WOW walking up to 2 miles now! I couldn't keep up. Good for you!