Monday, July 11, 2011

Soon to be Suddenly Searching

Originally I started this blog so that family and friends could keep up with all the wedding preparations, and it was called Soon to be Sinco. Then, once married, I called it Suddenly Sinco. After being married for a year I needed to change it again, because the Sinco was no longer Sudden. Searching seemed like a good idea because I am always searching, or researching, mostly for the fun of it. I would like this blog to be more about that. More about the things I want to research, or just learn more about. The problem is there are such a variety of things I study or try to learn about that I think going in that vein would be too jumbled. But, then, this blog is currently just about whatever is going on in my life, which can be pretty jumbled. So, here is one of the things I want to learn about, and yes, I'm starting with something very easy. :)

Spice Cabinets.

That is right, Spice Cabinets. The one on top is my first to design, and with LOTS of help from Jason, build. It is far from finished. My hope is that by the time I am ready to post pictures of the completed cabinet, I will also have more information to give you about them. Like, when did we start using them, and why? Just for starters.

I especially like that the last one is really being used as a spice cabinet, a crafting spice cabinet, but a spice cabinet none the less.

Can I type it one more time?

Spice Cabinet. (Yes, it makes a bit giddy.)

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