Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm four weeks in and still walking at least 4 days a week, the last two weeks I walked 5 days. I'm consistently walking 2 miles each day and have decided to keep it at that for a while. I had wanted to bump it up to 4 miles before school starts, and I think I will get up to 4 miles before the end of this year, but I know if I push too much right now it will be that much easier to quit.

I like the walk. There are a couple of spots where the air turns a bit putrid, but it is bearable and doesn't last. And it is completely worth it to walk among trees and to see all the different birds. It is incredible to me that so close to our house are birds that I never see in our yard. But there they are every morning, chirping and darting and being birds, not an apparent care in the world, not even when the bikes go zooming by with no warning.

I'm also eating about 4 small meals a day, sometimes three, but I try to aim for four. I am finding that for the most part I do have more energy and an overall better feeling about life. So I am going to stick with it and see what happens.

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Mawmaw said...

Great for you! I am also trying to lose weight, from the steroids. I am not allowed to walk, but my doctor recommended riding an old fashioned bike ~ no speeds, handle bars tilted up. I average 3 miles a day, and love it ~ since I have been riding, some of the neighbors have, too!! Good luck to you, keep it up, and stay in touch!!