Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Confession Good

Atlas Shrugged. And Shrugged and Shrugged and then Shrugged some more. Basically, I agree with the political point Rand is making, and I like the story and most of the characters. The length she goes to is the problem. There has been a lot of waisted ink read by this reader in the last two weeks. Rand is passionate and serious about her point and wants to be surer than your average sure that her readers know the fullness of her opinion and its, in her opinion, impeccable rightness. I have enjoyed reading about Dagny, and Rearden reminds me a bit of my husband. I have not finished the book. I do like it. I will finish it, likely quite soon. There are many unanswered questions at this point, but I will break a rule I've held for two years now and read two non-school books at once. I used to be terrible about reading several books at once and it was easy to leave several unfinished for long long periods of time. That first year I read one book at a time I read more books than I had in the previous two years combine, so there is some thing to be said for taking it one at a time for this reader. I am making an exception because I care more about starting the Dickens Project and I know I'll feel better about all of it if I do. I will stop resenting Rand for keeping me from Dickens and I will begin to more fully get into what I want to be into concerning both books.
Pickwick Papers, Hello! Let the journey begin!

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