Monday, January 11, 2010

Grind Back

This is the most recent collage I've done. I wanted to do something for Jason's parents for Christmas. I'm so glad we were able to get there safely and deliver this in one piece!
Part of married life is balancing time with family. We each want to see our own families, and at the same time look forward to spending time with the other's families too. It's great to build on the newness of being a part of their family. Jason's birthday is in January and from that first year we were dating I've gone with him to visit his family for a combination Christmas Birthday trip. His dad and aunt have birthdays close to his and they all meet at his folks house for a party. This year was great. The food was delicious and wholesome, and the cake, wow, the cake. Jenni and Granny combine efforts and produced a confection worthy of much praise!
Today I go back to school. The grind as it were. I hope this semester is full of positive directions and satisfying learning. Time will tell I suppose.

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