Sunday, January 31, 2010

Less Ordinary

I finished Atlas Shrugged early last week and had thought I'd post my thoughts on the book, but now that I've waited this long I find that I don't have much to say. It is a good story, the ending is ridiculous, given all the build up to it, but the characters and world/reality are very interesting. It's very preachy, but the art of getting a political point across in a novel doubtless requires talent and brains far beyond even the most acclaimed authors. The fact that the book is so very relevant to this day and age, is nothing short of scary. I asked Jason if we could run off and live in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming or something and he just raised an eyebrow at me.
Meanwhile Pickwick is getting himself in all kinds of mischief! I laugh and laugh at times while reading this book. Strikes me as a forerunner to Wooster and Jeeves. The more I think about it, the more I see how this is the work of a younger Dickens, the descriptions are great, and the characters are just that, and I try to keep in mind that these accounts were written as a series printed over time in a magazine, but all the little stories various people interject to read to the Pickwickians or to simply recount to them are exhausting!
On a personal note, my mom came to visit this past weekend. It was great! She beat the bad weather and stayed with my Aunt and Uncle for a while, seeing Grammy during the day and then came up to see us. We took her to the city wide yardsale and had a blast! Then ate delicious dinner and watched Return to Cranford. I LOVE that series!!!! All in all it has been a good week!

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